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Applied linguistics, in its fields, is one of the important topics related to language. The research generally aims to identify the fields of sociolinguistics and topics that it deals with in society. It touched on social thought in the modern linguistic lesson and of ancient Arabs, and the subject of the diversity of the sources of the material, the collection of language, the problems presented to it by sociolinguistics, the direction of sociolinguistic study, language teaching in sociolinguistics, the definition of sociolinguistics, and thought the social approach in the linguistic study among the Arabs. It deals with the relationship between language and culture, language and speech, the introduction of language technology, the descriptive constructive approach to language study, the psychological approach to the study of language, and the approach to applied linguistics. Then the research deals with linguistic diversity in terms of kinship expressions, use of colours, choice of names, the cultural influence of names, language, and national identity. Such as multilingualism, and bilingualism, and bilingualism. As the mutual influences between language and society, the diversity of sources of material and the collection of language, and silence And it deals with topics related to sociolinguistics and society, such as research on deliberative studies in Arabic studies, its manifestations in ancient Arabs, and its elements such as indications, then the concept of linguistic paradox and its relationship to society, the previous assumption, the verbal event, the discursive or conversational entailment, and the communicative dimension of the language.

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