Issues on Skills and Competencies in Education by Munir Shuib

Issues on Skills and Competencies in Education by Munir Shuib from  in  category
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Author: Munir Shuib
Category: General Academics
ISBN: 9789838617574
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In order to sustain quality in education, students' and teachers' skills and competencies must be continuously enhanced. We cannot be complacent with the skills and competencies that we currently possess. Not only must we seek to enhance them, we must also learn to use them in new situations. We may even need new skills and competencies to keep up with new developments, technologies and challenges. This book is a compilation of selected papers presented at the National Conference of Skills and Competencies in Education 2008. Generally these papers may be divided into two groups: English language skills and competencies and instructional strategies in developing students' skills and competencies. The book features in-depth discourses by various academic members on issues, challenges and new trends pertaining to skills and competencies learnt, gained and taught in today's education. It is hoped that the publication of this book will boost interest and promote further studies among educators and researchers in the development of skills and competencies in education.


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