Knowing Nothing, Living Happy How to turn uncertainty into brilliant possibilities. by Clif Sanderson

Knowing Nothing, Living Happy How to turn uncertainty into brilliant possibilities. by Clif Sanderson from  in  category
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Author: Clif Sanderson
Category: Religion
ISBN: 9781624881534
Publisher: Bookbaby
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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This book will make you laugh out loud while imparting compassion and subtle do-it-yourself coaching. Not knowing and courageously saying YES! to life’s ability to arrange itself leads us to discoveries better than one could ever imagine. Stepping into the unknown, taking risks and letting go of control and inherited mind-body patterns can move us beyond illness and fear. However, it is not an intellectual understanding but actual practice of stilling the mind that brings us into the state of deep relaxation. In this state we instantaneously connect to the Field of infinite possibilities, the Field of Creativity. Once experienced, this deep relaxation can be recreated in different circumstances and used for variety of purposes – from dealing with long-term anxiety to finding a soul mate. This is an easy to follow guide on: How to put the ideas of intention, energy, healing, transformation of consciousness and the connection to the Universal Field into practise. How to allow the natural flow of life to guide us. How to stay calm and relaxed in the midst of stress, uncertainty, illness, constant change and other ‘inconveniences’. How to courageously acknowledge that ‘We Don’t Know’ and let go of the need to be in charge. How to see the magic unfolding in front of our eyes. This book is for those who have just begun to explore their healing abilities and for those who are already experienced caregivers and health practitioners. It will inspire anybody who is searching for a higher purpose in life. Clif Sanderson generously shares his stories about travelling the world and actively changing realities by developing and changing his own consciousness. There is a beautiful power in this special approach to life, for you and for everyone you love.


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