From the Jungle to the Boardroom by Mike Monahan

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Author: Mike Monahan
Category: Lifestyle , Motivation
ISBN: 9781937509033
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Have you ever dreamed of something really big but were afraid to take the risk and settled for less? Have you ever struggled with making decisions? Have you ever felt like you were on your own in life? In his unique business book, From the Jungle to the Boardroom, author Mike Monahan shows that we all face the same challenges as we make decisions. We are afraid, so we question our judgment. And we compare ourselves to others. This book, which challenges the way we make decisions, is based on the leadership lessons Monahan learned during his service in Vietnam and on his journey to leading a nonprofit and facilitating personal-development seminars. Monahan distills his leadership lessons into three simple questions that we all face in everyday life as we make decisions.


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